Thursday, April 30, 2009

Don't Get Too Close.....It Might Be Contagious!

No, not the swine flu, BLOGGING! Never one to go more than a few hours without checking in online, this week I have been spending waaay too much time sitting here. And I have decided that I really like writing a blog and have started a second one!

As you know, I am a realtor by profession and initially I thought this blog would be more about real estate. I hoped to pass along information that might be of interest to people trying to figure out what's going on in this crazy market and to offer some help. A little hesitant at first wondering whether anyone would be intersted in what I have to say, I have been encouraged by the feedback and comments received.

Because I have been writing about personal topics and other non-real estate issues here, I have decided to start a second blog where the main focus will be just.....Real Estate. So stop by and check out my Rhode Island Real Estate Blog. The first few posts are reruns of some I posted here just to get going. But I have new topics that will be ready soon, so please, keep reading!

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Alex the Girl said...

I know, I know. It's horrible, isn't it. But what's worse is having an idea to blog about and then forgetting what it was by the time you get to sit at a computer!

Sandy Soares said...

Oh god, Alex, that happens all the time! I'm making little notes all over the place! Actually I write my best stuff at 2 am when I can't sleep. Light seems to bother my husband, such a pain. "-)

Pam said...

I think I've caught this "blogging bug". I've spent this entire afternoon and into this evening trying to fix my book "gadget" on my blog. ARGHH!! Not fun. And now I'm very cranky.

Sandy Soares said...

Caught it?? You GAVE it to me!


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