Saturday, May 16, 2009

Adventures in South Africa

A few people have asked me, "what's up with the jungle stuff?" Well, I have always loved animal prints. My favorites are African prints; leopard, cheetah and zebra are best. I don't wear furs but I do adore animal prints in fashion and use them as accents in decor.

My husband is a hunter; let's get that out there first and foremost. We eat just about everything he harvests but our house is also full of animal mounts and trophies. When we first moved into our home I christened what most would call a den, The DAR, short for Dead Animal Room. In that room you will find a bear head mount, caribou antlers, mule deer antlers and several duck mounts. And in 2002 I accompanied Paul on a safari to South Africa. Not all that keen on the trip initially, it turned out to be the trip of a lifetime for me and certainly a dream come true for my husband who has been hunting since the age of 9. So now you will find several African animal mounts in our home as well.

Back in 2001 when he first started seriously talking about an African hunt he came home from a sportsmen's show saying "I've found the professional hunter I want to hunt with in Africa. Do you want to go with me?" My answer was "that's nice, honey, but, no thanks. I'm not interested in going to Africa, have fun." He said "You don't understand, I WANT you to go with me. I want to do this together." Hmmm, that was different. Okay, I'll consider it, but I need more info.

So Paul took the list of references provided by Erik Terblanche of Amanita Safaris and called every single person on the list. One of the hunters had taken his wife, a nonhunter like myself, with him. So Paul contacted that couple and put me on the phone with Linda. I asked a million questions about the accommodations, food, etc., and at the end of our chat thought "hmmmm, this might not be so bad."

So in June of 2002 Paul and I flew from Boston to Johannesburg, South Africa for two weeks in the Limpopo Province of South Africa on the Botswana border. A Trip of a Lifetime, to be sure. The photo above was me sitting outside The Lodge with my little buddy Rascal, the first Jack Russell Terrier in my life, while Paul was out tracking the elusive kudu. Stay tuned and I'll share some photos and tell you more about our Adventures in South Africa.


kaye said...

how interesting.

cat said...

Ah, found the post I was looking for! If you guys want to come out again, have a look at Blaauwkrantz Safaris - they are in the Eastern cape region, so it would be quite a different experience.


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