Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Gift! For Me? How sweet.....

My husband, Paul, came home Monday afternoon with a gift for me. He came in with a plain box saying "I was going to wrap it but if you don't care....." Of course I didn't mind and eagerly took the box.....an Emergency Safety Hammer!!

And not just any Emergency Safety Hammer....a deluxe model equipped with flashlight and mounting bracket! The instructions say "use pointed end to strike the glass in case passengers are locked or trapped inside vehicle. Use cutter blade to cut the seat belt in case of emergency." Now before you say, "oh god, Paul's in trouble. What kind of man gives his wife a gift of an emergency safety hammer," let me tell you that I was very pleased! I have ALWAYS wanted one of these! Honest!! Not that a piece of jewelry wouldn't also have pleased me but this was a GOOD gift. He knew I would like this.

I have very few phobias. I'm not afraid of spiders (I don't like them but I'm not afraid) or snakes (I think they are very cool) or mice (they're only THIS big?!) or bats (mice with wings, very cool!) I'm not afraid of most of the usual things that tend to make women scream and run out of a room. BUT I am afraid of being trapped in a car under water. You hit the water, the electrical system shorts out and the electric windows don't work! Down you go. So driving over a body of water on a bridge makes my heart palpitate. I've reported this phobia to friends who say "but you used to be a scuba diver!" True enough. So put my tank and regulator in the car with me and I won't be as afraid. Not very convenient.

We have a time share in Kitty Hawk on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Last May was our first time there, and we drove the coastal route south which took us over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel. TWENTY-THREE miles of Bay Bridge-Tunnel! And guess who was driving that leg of the trip down as Paul napped?! But I was cool, I can handle this. By the end of it, I was driving 80 miles per hour! Get me off this {bleeping} bridge!!!

But this year, I am set to go. I will have my trusty Emergency Safety Hammer with flashlight nearby in the car, and I will feel much safer. Like the package says It could save your life! I'm counting on it. And if the bridge really gets to me, I can always hit myself in the head with the hammer and sleep the rest of the way!

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Pam said...

Great gift! I love getting gifts that let you know the giver was REALLY thinking about you. And I was laughing out loud by the end. Very funny!

Stereos and Souffles said...

What's better than someone caring about your safety, great gift!

Debbie said...

Oh gosh. You and me both! I went through that tunnel once and thought I would die! No joke. I haven't ever felt so uncomfortable. That little tool would not make me feel any better, I'm afraid. For that, I need IV drugs.
And I am your newest follower too:)

Maddy said...


I didn't realize you had such a phobia but now that you wrote this "very funny blog", I would love to get one of those. Where did Paul get it? My two hour commute to work each day includes crossing Lake Street on Route 105 in Acushnet(which isn't the lake, but part of the New Bedford Reservoir). I think about what I would do if I was to end up in the water during bad weather. Someone's already died there because it's such a curvy road but I must admit that it's very pretty on beautiful days. Please let me know where to get that "handy little tool". Thanks

Sandy said...

Pam, it really is a great gift!

S and S, When he first said it was something to keep me safe, I thought it was a gun!

Debbie, I guess I'm not as afraid as you are but it wasn't the tunnels that tied me up in knots, they were a bit of a relief, even tho I knew the water was ABOVE me then. Welcome and thanks for following!

Maddy, I think I noticed a Benny's sticker on the package. Remember Benny's??? There still are a few out there. You probably could find one at Walmart, too.

Brittany said...

Bridges scare the poo out of me! But, I don't know how to swim (I know, I know...). Very cool little tool!

Thanks for visiting my blog today and grabbing my button. It looks fab on your sidebar! :)

Anonymous said...

forget Walmart....try Vose Hardware. My husband put one in mt Christmas stocking one year. It has been in my truck ever since.

Sandy said...

Thank you, "Anonymous" for your comment. I am sure many smaller, independent hardware stores everywhere like Vose Hardware in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, might carry such a tool. And please keep reading, Nellie, for an upcoming post on the value of "Buying Local!"


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