Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Adventures in The Canadian Rockies

I love riding on trains and had always dreamed of a Trans Canada Railway Tour. In July of 2004 I almost got my wish when we traveled on the Rocky Mountaineer through the Canadian Rockies from Vancouver, British Columbia, to Jasper, Alberta. What a way to travel! The picture at the right is lunch aboard with white linen service. We didn't stay on the train overnight but travelled two full days getting off in Jasper and traveling by car through Lake Louise, Banff and to Calgary.

Train travel has always fascinated me because you see places you can't see from a road whether it's across a prairie, through a mountain pass or just the backside of a town. Here are a few highlights of that trip aboard the Rocky Mountaineer.

Paul overlooking Jasper and the Canadian Rockies. At the bottom of that valley is the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge where we stayed. This is not an illusion, he really is out that far on the ledge.

On the Athabasca Glacier in the Columbia Icefield in Alberta.

We saw some amazing wildlife including bears, elk, moose, Rocky Mountain goats and this big horn sheep. Isn't he incredible? I took this from inside our car! I thought he was going to butt the hood.
This is my favorite photo taken at Lake Louise where we stayed at the The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise one of the most gorgeous hotels I have ever seen. This was our view from the hotel room. The scenery doesn't get any better than this!


Tammy Howard said...

I never stayed at Lake Louise, but I have visited and I have almost that same picture. It is one of my favorites as well.

What a beautiful vacation!

Sandy said...

Tammy, Staying in that hotel was like a dream. And I suppose everyone who has ever visited the area has that photo! It was an beautiful trip.

Housewife Savant said...

Wowza. I LOVE your pix.
I remember a ride on a passenger train when I was little. (In the Old Days.)
I would LOVE he trans-cont travel.

Alex the Girl said...

Those were gorgeous, esp. the last one. I've never even ridden in a train, but its definitely on my to-do list. Great Story. And as I take my click outta here, I will add...your husband...Paul? IS INSANE! OH MY OH MY what was he thinking standing out there on that ledge? It would have definitely turned my legs to jelly. You should turn this link in for Cecily R's and Mama Geek's photo story Friday. You can probably find the link to their website on one of my older posts. This would make a great addition. They put up a Mr. Linky every Friday.

Miss Lady Grey said...

Wow! You were in my neck of the woods! How cool is that? I've never taken the Rocky Mountaineer train, but I have been over to the Rockies many times. You took some great pictures! And, you are right about the pic of Lake Louise. I think I have the same shot in a scrapbook somewhere.
I too love travelling by train. I travelled all through Europe (the Alps) by train. Your post has me thinking that I should book the Mountaineer trip sometime soon. :-)

Sandy said...

Savant, there's something about a train that just speaks to me.

Alex, you mentioned those photo blogs before and I couldn't find them. I'll try again. Yeah, Paul is not exactly afraid of heights....I've got similar photos of him bending over looking into Grand Canyon. The more I yell the farther out he gets.

Miss Grey, YES! I noticed you are from BC. We have traveled around Vancouver a couple times and loved it. We traveled Italy by train a couple years ago which was fabulous and I've traveled some of Alaska by rail but I sure would like to do more! I highly recommend the Rocky Mountaineer...the service, etc., was wonderful.

Michele said...

This is JR's dream trip. I would so love to give it to him. Maybe someday. Very nice pictures. I'll have to show him them soon.

Sandy said...

Michele, it's a trip worth reaching for and I highly recommend the Rocky Mountaineer. We didn't do the motorcoach part of the trip from Jasper to Calgary; we rented our own car but we did let them book our hotels. It was a wonderful vacation.

Cairo Typ0 said...

My parents did this trip last year and LOVED it. Best way to see the best country in teh world. :p (Guess where i'm from!) :p

Sandy said...

We love your country as well.....have seen a good portion of it considering its size. My husband has hunted caribou twice with the Inuit. Our dog is from Ottawa and we feel very much at home in Old Quebec. What province are you from?

Anita said...

Sandy, these are beautiful photos. I've never traveled by train either, but it's sort of a romantic fantasy, you know takes you back in time a bit.
I would have passed out if my husband had been out that far on a ledge. I am afraid of heights.

kaye said...

what a fun trip, I took a train trip in 2007 on the AM Track. It was great fun.


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