Friday, June 19, 2009

Funny Foto Friday---Tail of a Rat Terrier

Here's something I'll call Funny Foto Friday for all you Alliteration Aficionados!

Lucy's pedigree says she's a Jack Russell Terrier. Several times I've been told she looks more like a Rat Terrier. I think they are both from the same breed or line or whatever! They are both called Earth Dogs. One look at these photos will tell you why.

Lucy looking UP!

Lucy looking DOWN!

"I'm gonna get that chipmunk if it's the last thing I do!"

Here she is as Super Dog!

Going ice fishing with Dad

I've got dinner!

Does this dog have a great life or what!?


Pam said...

I always suspected that Lucy was a superhero. Underdog, maybe?

Sandy said...

She definitely has super powers.

Alex the Girl said...

I am an alliteration nut. It's one of the things I constantly pop up in the classroom, and I can just about guarantee that my students know what an alliteration is before they leave the fifth grade. As for your dog...well...she looks like she'd be the kind of dog you'd own. I don't know why I get that feeling, I just do. She looks like...your dog! Great photos!

Stereos and Souffles said...

What a beautiful little face she has!

Michele said...

Good time to plant a big plant in that hole. So thoughtful of her to dig it out for you.

Anita said...

Lucy looks like she has a very good life! Love the pictures.

Sandy Soares said...

Alex, so you think Lucy looks like MY dog, huh? That's interesting. She the first little dog in my family and won't be the last. Jacks are such a cool little dog.

S and S, some people have made fun for me because I have been known to say "she's so cute" 100 times in one day. :-) but she is!

M, That would have been an excellent idea! Except that Paul filled the hole up before I could. That was a BIG hole for a little dog!

Anita, I always tell Lucy "You're the luckiest dog in the world!"

Crystal said...

What cute dog, She looks like she is so fun!

Sandy said...

Crystal, Lucy is what I call 14# of dynamite...but she's very loving, too. Hates to be alone unless she's hunting. A very cool little dog. I highly recommend the breed.

Anonymous said...

Just thinking of that cute face makes me smile...thanks Lucy!


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