Thursday, July 2, 2009

Adventures in South Africa plus Soundtrack!

Here is the giraffe that I saw a couple times during my visit to South Africa while on safari with Paul. I took this photo from inside a blind which the professional hunter, Erik, called the Pizza Oven so named because it got mighty hot inside by mid-day. It was a round metal building of sorts which was just big enough for two people to fit inside. The exterior was camouflaged with bundles of grasses. It was at a water tank and the two times I was in it this guy came in for a drink. In this photo he certainly seems to be looking right at me!

That water tank was just a bit under 6' high so Erik estimated the giraffe at about 18' tall. What a sight. Look back at the top photo and you'll see he was missing most of his tail.

My friend Debbie sent me the link to this most amazing video of an a capella jazz choir doing a version of Toto's 1982 hit Africa. Take a listen. It's incredible!

Video link--->African thunderstorm


Alex the Girl said...

I can only imagine what other animals you may have seen that day as well. The giraffe makes drinking from that water tank look sooo easy. Anyway, tell me, Sandy, where did you and Paul meet?

Tammy Howard said...

That is really amazing!

Oh! You should answer Alex's question in your blog, not privately - who doesn't love a good love story?

Sandy said...

Alex, I can tell you I saw a monkey & a warthog on one of the days in the Pizza Oven. An earlier visitor saw a Black Mamba snake.....deadly! Glad I missed him. As for your question, you'll have to wait for the post!

Housewife Savant said...

I never watch videos as a rule. These days I'm afraid it will trigger my Meniere's.
I'm glad I watched THIS video. It's awesome!

I love your travel pix.

Brittany said...

Giraffes are such stunning animals.

Great shots!

Sandy said...

Brittany, we saw two bulls fighting one day and they were as graceful in that as running across the open. Thanks for stopping in.


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