Thursday, July 30, 2009

High Speed and High Anxiety

Had my first ambulance ride yesterday. Reluctantly, it's nothing I ever aspired to. I'm okay but more doctors' follow-ups to come.

I had a jam-packed real estate business day and could not afford this little 'vacation.' I am negotiating offers for buyers and sellers, preparing to close on a transaction on Friday, 3 hours of continuing education, clients to show new property to and a dentist appointment, all scheduled yesterday. Whew! Seeing it that way makes me think maybe it was a bit much.

Nevertheless, most never occurred because on my drive back to meet an appraiser at a property, I started feeling very strangely; tingling in my left side, disorientation and THEN my car started acting funny, like a bad tire. On a stretch of highway with no breakdown lane, I pulled off an exit into an area I'm marginally familiar with.

Pulled over, tried to make a phone call and couldn't remember how to use my phone. Not worried yet; decided to test the car, seems okay so I begin to drive. I'm not certain of the best route so I tried to plug my destination into my NAV system. I don't remember how to use it. After trying repeatedly with no success, I just drive. I am certain I was not okay but that's in hindsight. I distinctly remember swerving around a trash barrel on the side of the road. Nothing wrong with the tire, by the way, don't know what that sensation was!

I got back to my office after about a 15-minute drive on many busy roads which is scary to recall. There was another agent and my manager in the office, and I walked in and sat on the steps. They immediately realized something was wrong and asked questions that I couldn't really answer as I was struggling with putting thoughts into words.

They called Paul on his cell, I was able to recall his number somehow. I heard Holly explain it to him, and they decided to call the rescue. I wasn't in total favor but surrendered to the plan as long as I got to go to the hospital of my choice in Providence rather than a local one. Paul told me today he heard me say "I hate you!" to Holly. Oops! Not a good thing to tell your manager. (I was kidding, Hol, you know that, right?)

The next thing I know I heard a siren (did they have to do that?!) and there had to be at least 7 medical personnel peering at me asking questions, etc. They decided I didn't need the closest facility and put me into the ambulance (I walked, so you know) and got strapped in for the ride. Strange experience. They started an IV in my hand (ouch! Only my 3rd in my whole life) and soon I was being wheeled into the ER past all kinds of people. Again, strange experience!

No less than 3 IV's in me (ouch, ouch ouch). Blood pressure is fine; heart rate, respiration, all fine. Pulse oxygen in the ambulance was low. I realized that after watching my asthmatic mother's pulse ox reading but figured it was my nails. So did they, but nobody suggested messing with my fingernails!

The CT scan came back fine and there was lots of conversation about my history of migraine which dates back to 18. Apparently they were trying to rule out a cerebrovascular accident, a stroke. I have noticed over the last 3 years or so (hello Menopause?) that my migraines have been a little different. Much experience with the aura, which is a funny visual disturbance, not always followed by pain. Good! you'd think right? Maybe not. As I laid there in the ER for several hours, I kept going into an aura and out; something that never happened before.

More questions (I sent away the chest x-ray order, what?!?) and finally the attentding ER doc came to check on me. "We don't really know what happened." He suggested a follow up with a neurogologist, no caffeine, start taking an 81 mg. aspirin daily and slow down. Yeah, okay. Paul said I kept saying "I'm really very healthy!" Okay, right. (I was trying to text clients and other agents from the ER).

I'm home. Today tried to catch up on what I lost yesterday. Late this afternoon I answered a cell call from a lender friend of mine that I am sharing a transaction with to hear a very calm question/statement: "You were rushed to the hospital yesterday afternoon and you were emailing me at 6:30 a.m. this morning?!"

Ok, ok, I'll make an appointment with the neurologist......after I make this call.

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Badass Geek said...

Holy crap. That is some scary stuff, Sandy.

I'm glad you are feeling better, though.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness.

I hope it's the last ambulance ride.

Hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I hope you're ok! You were above me on SITS roll call this morning.

Something oddly similar happened to my mom several years ago. She ended up passing out briefly while driving on the highway, crossed a couple of lanes of traffic, but thankfully didn't hit anyone. A driver, who just happened to be a nurse, (she barely missed hitting) stopped to check on her. Mom regained consciousness and they got her to a hospital.

After many tests and such, they still couldn't figure out what it was that caused her to pass out like that. They told her the same thing. Rest and relax a little.

Take a break today. Work can wait until tomorrow.

Take care!!

Michele said...

Paul: Take that iphone away from her for a day.

Deep breath in; deep breath out.

Sandy please slow down and call the neurologist. It may be simple or it may not be but why take the chance.

Sandy said...

K, I really feel pretty much okay.

Butterflies, Jeepers....thanks, I think! Scary story. Glad your mother was fine.

Kathy Garmus said...

Sandy, so sorry to hear that. What a frightening experience that must have been. I hope everything will be OK. In the meantime, slow down!

Kathy B! said...


you can't be my bloggy buddy if you are dead! I hate to be alarmist, but that is just not right. You must take measures to make certain you don't have a ticking bomb hiding in you somewhere!

Tammy Howard said...

Seriously, Sandy. Work will wait. Make the calls - and take care of yourself!

I am scared just thinking about you driving when you couldn't remember how to use your phone!

Please take care - and keep us posted!

The Blonde Duck said...

You poor thing! You need to take some time and rest!

The Blonde Duck said...
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Laoch of Chicago said...

Oh God, having had a stroke it sounds like you had one too or a transient ischemic attack. I think it vastly important that you go and see a top notch neurologist sooner rather later. Having had one I can say it is not something to be ignored.

Good wishes to you.

Anita said...

Sandy, you seem oddly calm about this. I'm not sure if that is good or bad. How long did the inability to think or speak clearly last?
I hope you do follow up with a neurologist, and quickly. In the mean time, let your PCP know what happened and stay aware of what is going on, and STOP driving if it happens again.
Keeping you in my prayers, and slow down girl!

Laoch of Chicago said...

This alarmed me so much I must leave a second comment. When I went to the hospital after my stroke they could not initially find the area of the brain which was damaged until I finally had an MRI (even then it was hard for them to see, but the damage I had was real). Waiting even a little bit is very dangerous if this in fact what is wrong with you because the risk of having another event is quite high soon after and any brain damage is truly quite awful.

Hoping for a good outcome for you.

Pam said...

What the heck! Why the hell am I learning about this by reading your blog! You got some 'splainin to do!

kaye said...

what an experience!

dadshouse said...

Wow, scary. Hope they figure it out, and you get better soon!

Shauna said...

That's really scary. I'm glad you're ok. Take some time to rest and take care of yourself!

BONNIE K said...

I'll echo the others here and say that yes, that sounds very scary. I hate when they can't pinpoint what's wrong, but you do need to get to a dr and hopefully they can figure this out.

Midlife Jobhunter said...

Oh, Sandy. I'm so sorry. Hope you feel better today. Scary, though. Take good care and get yourself checked out. Menopause - who knows what we're really going through.

Be good to yourself.

Sandy said...

To all my friends: Thank you for all your care, concern and well wishes expressed here and in additional emails. I am okay and will be following up with the appropriate medical people. I am making a serious attempt to slow down and to make sure nothing serious is going on. Hopefully tests will find nothing and it can all be attributed to stress.

Again, thank you so much for your concern. It means a lot.

Housewife Savant said...

Stranger than fiction and scary as H.
DO follow up.

stepfabulous said...

Girl, slow down!!!!!!!!!! You might have an MRI. I have migraines, my MRI figured them out, and now I am down to having only about 2 per year! It's been the best thing ever!

FranticMommy said...

You are So like me! Just keep "powering forward" cuz there's stuff to be done! Hope your feeling better soon. Seriously, take care of you.

Oz Girl said...

Very scary indeed. Do take care of yourself, girl!!

Since my dad passed away from a stroke almost 3 yrs ago, I'm now lucky enough to have this in my family history -- before that, there was nothing in my family history. No cancer, no heart attacks, no strokes. I'm on hi bp med, and my dad probably should have been too.

Eat some more of those clementines *smiles*


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