Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday Game of Tag

Since I'm posting this on a Sunday there's a good chance not a lot of you will see it. Depending on what comes out, I may be thankful for that.

You see, my friend and fellow New Englander at New England Girl tagged me in a game of Blogger Tag. I'm supposed to:

  1. Link this post to blogger who tagged me.
  2. Include these rules in the post.
  3. Write six random or revealing things about myself.
  4. Tag 6 people at the end of the post and link to them.
  5. Let each person know I've tagged them with a comment on their blog.
  6. Let the tagger know my post is up.

So, here goes:

  1. I am an only child and have no children of my own, so this gene pool ends with me. Might not be a bad thing.
  2. I have been an amateur genealogist since the age of 20. In my research I have learned that I am a direct descendant of Rev. John Robinson who was the Pastor to the Pilgrims.
  3. Although I had a steady boyfriend all through high school, I never attended a dance or a prom.
  4. I hate eating with my hands....even sandwiches and pizza are a challenge. I need about six napkins going at the same time. This makes enjoying a clambake especially difficult!
  5. I am totally non-athletic.
  6. I was born under the sun sign of Aquarius. My husband says as a result I am a cross between Albert Schweitzer and Mickey Mouse.

And the six lucky bloggers I'm going to tag are:

A woman, a wife, a mom
Sparkle's Soup of the Day
Donna Gotlib
A Hesitant Housewife

So there you have it! I am curious to see what, if anything, you will reveal about yourselves!


Housewife Savant said...

This is So Good. (Can't eat with your hands I LOVE sandwiches. I'd perish.)

Everyone knows I fail at these.

Six revealing'd be easier to take photos of my Special Loveliness.
But I aim to help, not harm.

Good post!

Dreamgirl said...

Fun facts!

Now the eating with your hands I totally get. Being from Norway I eat everything with a knife and fork. This was very amusing for my American friends when I lived in Oklahoma... But hey, that's just the way we Europeans eat - Maybe it's the European gene pool that has made you this way?

Just stopping by from SITS to say hello! Have a great Sunday!

Greeting from Spain

Laoch of Chicago said...

Thanks for thinking of me.

New England Girl said...

Ahh, I loved these revealing facts! I was like you about prom and other dances. I just never felt the need to go! :)

BONNIE K said...

These ARE fun facts. I join you in being un-athletic. In high school gym class one day (tumbling), the gym teacher wanted us to line up in order of ability - the best at the beginning, the worst at the end. There were about 4 of us fighting to be at the end of that line. I still watch people who do cartwheels in amazement - like how do they do that?

Anita said...

Hi Sandy! I promise to play this game, this week, promise! not eating with your funny...who knew?

Ginger said...

I'm totally doing this.!
I've started working on mine (which,as you know, will be more verbose than is required.. and than is suggested).


So, are you Danish? I hear that people who hale from Denmark hate eating with their hands, even if they are born and bred Americans..

Oh, and traveling counts as a sport, right. The walking and suit case carrying alone make it so.

SparkleFarkle said...

Hmm. You don’t like eating with your hands. The first thing that crossed my mind is how good you must be at that Past the Grapefruit chin game! (Sorry. It’s early and I could stand another cup of coffee. Obviously.)

AND thanks for including me! It wouldn’t be summer without a game of Tag! (See my six things about me on my today's blog titled "From Up My Sleeve" --Sorry, blogspot's not allowing me to make a direct link. Apparently, it needs cofee, too.) Have a wonderful week!

carma said...

fun post. I am also an Aquarius who uses lots of napkins and never attended a prom!!


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