Friday, November 27, 2009

It's Crunch Time at Adopt-a-Family

I hope everyone had a peaceful Thanksgiving! I know we did. We spent a wonderful day with family. It was pretty relaxing for Paul and I since Pam did most of the work.

Pam is amazing in so many ways but to watch her host a party or family dinner is like watching no one else I know. When we got home last night my kitchen was messier after cooking some dessert and a vegetable to contribute than hers was after feeding people for 8 hours! Pam's organizational skills are second to none. Although I noticed that she isn't putting little sticky notes in the serving dishes anymore. I kind of miss that.

Thank you Pam, Geoff, Katie & Madeleine for a very enjoyable family day.

Now that Turkey Day is behind us, we are in the last two weeks of preparation for the week when all the hard work done by so many people who participate in Adopt-a-Family comes together. That is the week when 150 volunteers work in various shifts over 12-hour days to make it all happen. When they handle 4,000 to 5,000 bags and boxes of gifts and dozens of bicycles brought to us by our generous donors. Those gifts and bikes are then put into the hands of needy families of nearly 2000 children.

Unfortunately right now it looks like we may have to turn some families away. We've got 11 more days to match donors with families and we are ever hopeful that we will be able to help 100% of eligible families who ask.

Time will tell. You know I'll keep you posted!

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BONNIE K said...

I hope you don't end up having to turn any families away.

Laoch of Chicago said...

You are doing a good thing. Right on as my hippie mother would have said.

New England Girl said...

Adopt-A-Family is such a fine organization and you and the other volunteers are such wonderful people. Donating your time to help those families in need is such a worthy and admirable way to gear up for the holidays. I hope you are able to match all of the families with donors... I'll keep my fingers crossed! :)

Vodka Logic said...

Good luck with your wonderful cause.

Kristin said...

We need to find a local family to adopty in our community!! Thanks for the motivation to look into this!

Melissa B. said...

Your post touched me. Thanks so much for reaching out and helping those who can't help themselves. SITS sent me by, and I'm glad they did. Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

She's Got Spirit...And Your Vote?

Pam said...

I'm glad you and Dad enjoyed Thanksgiving. We had a great time, too. I promise to use sticky notes at Christmas. ;)

I was busy gearing up for AAF today. I shopped for both the girl I'm adopting and the boy I'm serving as a shopper. It was fun and tomorrow the girls and I will be busy wrapping.


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