Thursday, February 18, 2010

How Old is Dirt?

Have you ever said "older than dirt" when asked how old you are or feel? This society is so focused on age and staying young, I can't figure out if as I get older I feel that pressure more or less. Depends on the day and what I see in the mirror, I guess. I remember saying the only thing worse than being 40 was having a kid who was 40. My mother made a face at that.

Until the last few years I really could feel like a kid or at least like I did when I was in my 20's. That ship has sailed for good. The one good thing about getting older is that I care less about what others think of me. By that I don't mean I don't care what they think, I just feel less pressure to meet their expectations. That can be very liberating.

I have many friends who are exactly my age, actually born in the same year as me, which I find interesting since we didn't go to school together. We've become friends over the years through one association or another. I mentioned some in my post about the dinner club. We used to say we looked pretty good when we got dressed up to go out. Now we're more likely to say we look good for our age.

Despite making it sound like I was born in prehistoric time, I went to this Info Please site to find out just what was going on the year I was born. It was fun to read about what was happening that year, it was even more interesting to read about the years my parents and grandparents were born.

Go check it out. It gives information about what was going on in the world, politics, entertainment, sports, science and more. If you don't know the day of the week you were born on, I was a Thursday's Child, there is even a calendar of the year to find out. Go look and find out who died, got the Oscar, won the World's Series and more.


mama-face said...

I remember when I was very young seeing a newspaper headline that read, "Worst disaster since 1962"...which I took personally. HA. Apparently there were some pretty scary things that happened that year that had nothing to do with me. Think JFK and Cuba.

Welp, I just gave away how old I am. And yes getting older does have a few advantages. Not enough though.

Great post as usual.

~Kristen~ said...

Baaahhh! Age is just a number, that is how I feel! And I know it sounds cliche but we're only as old as we feel. I turned 39 in January and so many people (mostly women, sadly...) have said to "are you freaked out about turning 40 next year?" No. Why would I be? It is just another number. Like there is going ot be a huge difference between 39 and 40? I still feel (ok, and act! lol) like I am in my 20's!!! :-)

Blackberry Jam Cafe said...

This post is one of the reasons I'm enjoying your blog! Some days I feel "older than dirt" - most days I'm just hoping I don't look "older than dirt"! Thanks for saying what most of us are thinking!

Wanda said...

I will be 65 in March...I feel 40 in my head though.

Just Breathe said...

Thank you, I will check it out.

Pam said...

I was a Thursday's child, too. Isn't that the one that full of grace? Nah, didn't think so. More likely, full of woe.


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