Tuesday, March 23, 2010

WOW! Are We Excited

Did we hit a few nerves out there or what? In case you don’t know what I’m referring to, last weekend Pam of Pam’s Perspectives and I launched a new blog called Words of Wisdom……Join the Conversation. Our hope in starting this adventure is to create a place for bloggers who enjoy reading and writing posts with great content to find each other and to share.

As of this writing we have 40 followers which seems pretty good for only a couple days. I’ve been cruising around the blogosphere this week checking out the posts written about WOW and especially focusing on the comments left on those blogs. There have been two recurring themes among those comments.

One is that many of you are questioning whether you are what we are “looking for;” if you “qualify.” Again, I want to stress that we are NOT looking for “great” authors. Who or what is that anyway? A great author/writer means different things to different people.

This is similar to people I call “wine snobs.” People who like to say “this Chapeau due Smurf Pop was exquisite, and it was only $92 a bottle.” Okay, if you like it, great. But I ask, do you like it because it cost $92 a bottle or because you thought it tasted good? Hey, if I like a box of wine that costs 5 bucks, I’m good with that, and I have money left over for a pizza. But I digress.

To those of you who are asking if you are who we are looking for I say, follow our format, submit your posts and let’s see what happens. I can tell you that at WOW we definitely want people who have something to say. While we don’t mean to criticize or eliminate the occasional product review or meme, we are just hoping to appeal to those who write more with “great content” and definitely with less commercialism.

It’s difficult to sum that up in a few words. Pam did it well in her post last Saturday, when she said we are looking for people who write….“blog posts that make me think or sit up and take notice.” They can be funny or serious.

And secondly, we want to stress that in no way are we bashing "Mommy Bloggers." Pam was a SAHM for nearly 17 years. I don’t think anyone would categorize her as a "Mommy Blogger" but she certainly writes about her kids and family. Although I am not a mother, I write often about family. And I plan to continue writing about my family occasionally; sometimes in a serious way, sometimes not so serious.

Both Pam and I followed the particular blog people have mentioned and who, quite frankly, have taken some shots at. We both followed that blog for months and personally I can say I enjoyed the experience. I also found several blogs and bloggers there that I enjoy and continue to follow. WOW is just our way of branching off into something of our own that we thought (and now know) certain bloggers might be looking for.

So if you haven’t stopped by WOW, please do and let us know what you think.


~Kristen~ said...

I am jumping up and cheering BRAVO to you, my friend!!! GREAT post!!!

It is obviously no secret that I am a HUGE supporter of WOW and of you and Pam in starting this venture. And I have made my feelings clear on my blog about the types of blogs I enjoy and don't enjoy. It is just how I feel. I did not bash anyone. I know my blog would not be to everyone's liking. That is ok.

I don't understand why there has to be anything negative put out there. What do these people think they are trying to gain by that? Are people bent out of shape that WOW was formed? Is it because they think the other site should be the only game in town? It is clear the other site appeals to a certain type of blogger and that is fine, but why can't other bloggers have their own place to go to for support?

I just don't understand. I know a lot of "mommy bloggers" have been up in arms since the NYT article (which I actually thought was very well-written...). Now are we getting some of the backlash, too? something obviously struck a nerve somewhere. It is too bad really, because as I have posted on my blog, should we as women, whether we are mothers or not, be helping to build each other not cut each other down?

Well, before I keep going on and on, I have said it before and I will say it again: Sandy and Pam, you girls ROCK!!! You did an AWESOME thing with starting WOW and you have the numbers and the comments to prove it!!! :-)

Michele said...

I came! I saw! I commented!

Thank you for the great platform. I am always looking to read other bloggers.

Anita said...

I think the blogosphere has room for many types of blogs.........and guess what,in the end it will all shake out just fine.
Job well done Sandy!

croneandbearit said...

I have seen what ya'll have done over at WOW and I'm just tickled to death about this new website - I think you will be able to highlight some great folks who may not have the following they deserve. Plus this gives ALL of us a chance to meet new bloggy friends, share our lives, learn and experience new wonders! Hugs!

Everyday Kathy said...

Not sure I understand what all the brewhaha about mommy bloggers is all about I jus know I am tired of all the product reviews and filler content on a lot of blogs. For fun I tried to do all the memes in one day... not really possible but my blog has a theme and a purpose so these things will not be a staple of what I do.... I just had no idea how to grow my network with out playing something! Thanks for a space that I think will complement what I'm up to on my blog!

Kathy over at Everyday Bliss

SparkleFarkle said...

You know, I can't be sure if I belong in this collective or not. This morning, I did a taste test, offering my blog to my dog, Janey, who immediately "sat up and took notice." (I had to start somewhere.) This afternoon, I will balance one of my latest entries on her nose. If after a few seconds, she goes for it, am I "in"?

Berowne said...

I am 100 percent in favor of blogs with CONTENT! You and Pam seem to have started something; good luck and I hope to be able to play a part in it.

BONNIE K said...

Maybe I've been asleep for a long time, but I just noticed the term "mommy bloggers" a few weeks ago. I don't make distinctions. I have picked all different types of blogs to be the ones that I follow and I can't even say why I follow them, other than that they interest me.

LadyFi said...

Great that you've got so many in the space of a few days. I visited a while back, but will pop over there again.

Elle said...

Fantastic post, Sandy! It's not secret that I'm a HUGE supporter of WOW. I'm not surprised that it's taken off the way it has--so many people want to see blogs with content!!

I can't believe you'd be getting any kind of backlash from that other blog. Unreal. What could possible be so bad about yet another blogging support system?! It just doesn't make sense!

mama-face said...

Is it okay to follow just to read great words...?

(same me, different pic).

Slamdunk said...

Good idea with the new blog and I agree with your other commenters in that I don't see any reason for anyone to be offended. Their big loss...

A 2 Z said...

Hi Sandy,

Thanks for the visit. I'm going to check WOW afterwords. There is room for everyone in this vast blogosphere of ours. There are mommies of course and a big bunch of them are also selling all kinds of items to make ends meet. All useful but not for me, not anymore, alleluia! I'm moving on. Some of us are baby boomers (cough, cough) and we are interested in other issues. We just have to find our tribe...there are all kind of bloggers out there: religious ones, vintage lovers, tea partyers, meme lovers, McKlinky followers, etc...All fun! All different! That's where its at in N.A., freedom of expression. As they say in Australia, good on y a, for taken the project on!

Vanessa Rogers said...

cool idea, going to go check it out now.


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