Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What's Wrong With This Comment?

After being AWOL for almost a month I apologize for coming back on a rant. Well, not a rant exactly but I got a little excited about this. First of all, this is not about politics. I don't write about politics here ever and I don't discuss the subject often anyway.

There are apparently some ethics charges filed against Rep. Maxine Waters of California and Rep. Charles Rangel of New York. I do not live in either state so these people do not represent me. I wouldn't know either one of them if they walked into the room.

Yesterday I had the national news on while I was doing something besides watching but I was listening. They had sound bites from several people in Congress regarding the ethics charges. One of the men being interviewed made a comment that ended this way: "I really don't think Mr. Rangel intended to do anything wrong and I don't think Maxine did either."

Putting the politics aside, can anyone tell me what is WRONG with this comment? Please tell me it's not just me.

HINT: Does this sound a bit sexist to you?


Vodka Logic said...

Why did the man get the "respect" of a title and the woman was merely Maxine. Seems a double standard...no surprises there.

mama-face said...

something grammatical... what was the other offense Maxine may have intended?

hope you are well! (politics and grammar aside).

DUTA said...

It's the result that matters not the intention.

Katherine said...

Oh, that bothers me too! How come men get called Mr and women get called by their first name? Ugh.

Callie said...

Either there is a lack of respect or he's a very close friend?

Anonymous said...

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