Saturday, February 26, 2011


Here's another app on my iPhone I'm having fun with.

You know when you're riding in the car and a song comes on the radio that you know but just can't remember the name of? Or maybe you want to know who's singing it. And the DJ either doesn't tell you or you miss when they do! Isn't that so annoying?

I know it! It's on the tip of my tongue. I'll think of it when I'm not trying to. It's driving me crazy!

How about when you disagree with someone about what or who it is?

Back in the day I could tell you the name of a song and the artist after just a few notes. Old age and new music has taken care of that talent.

One of the favorite apps on my iPhone is called Shazam. It is so cool. Just point your phone towards the music source, press the icon on the screen, give it a few seconds and Shazam! It will identify the artist and the title.

For some it will give you a photo of the album, lyrics, bio of the artist, tour info, YouTube videos, and, of course, the option to buy the song from iTunes.

It will only identify recorded music so you can't hum or sing the tune. No problem for me, not even a computer could ever identify anything I sang.

Shazam keeps track of your "tags" (the songs that you've asked about). If you've had the app on your current iPod or iPhone since before November 2009, you have unlimited tags. After that you're limited to 5 tags a month unless you upgrade.

Online info says you can search over 8 million artists, albums and tracks. I have tested it on songs as far back as the 30's

I know there are lots of other features on the free app that I haven't explored as well as the option to upgrade (which I understand will remove the tags you already have so be aware of that), but I'm having fun with it and amazing people by how much I know about music. Not!

This project is my own idea and I am receiving no compensation from anyone. I am in no way an expert on the use of this equipment or apps. Any additional info or corrections received from people will be considered and should anything be suggested that I feel is pertinent, I will gladly repost with corrections.


Pam said...

Oh wow! That is cool. I could really that app. Let me know if there is an app that will tell you someone's name if you point it at them. THAT would really come in handy! LOL!

Laoch of Chicago said...

That really is a cool app.


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