Saturday, May 14, 2011

An Aha! Moment

I can be a bit messy. There! I've said it.

Right now you can barely see the dining room table because of all my 'stuff.' But I have to give credit where it's due in saying that Paul really doesn't gripe about my messiness too often even though he's pretty organized. His brother David was here doing some carpentry work a few years ago. He needed a certain grit sandpaper and over the telephone Paul was able to tell David exactly where the sandpaper was in the green cabinet in the garage where he kept it in increasing order of grit. He's that kind of organized, in some ways.

So Paul doesn't complain often about my clutter but he has always been on my case about drawers and kitchen cabinets left open. He has bitched at me enough over the years that I make a concerted effort not to leave them open. Especially after he walked into a kitchen cabinet door I had left open and snapped it right off, not at the hinges either. Fortunately David was here and repaired it.

However, Paul is not without some organized messiness of his own. We have a wooden bowl on the island in the kitchen which is supposed to be a fruit bowl. Right now in addition to an apple there is also a deposit slip, rebate coupon for wine, several envelopes and a note about a landscaper. We actually had some bananas go bad in there last week because we couldn't see them under the papers.

This I will not take the blame for although I know he will say some of the stuff in there is mine. I wouldn't do that if he didn't start it. There is always a pile of keys, cell phone, pen, glasses and notes which do not belong to me beside the fruit bowl. Somehow some of it often migrates into the bowl.

It has come to my attention recently that leaving drawers and doors open is beyond my control.

We were watching some cop show last week and when the detectives came into the apartment of a missing person, one of them commented on the condition of the place because it looked like it had been ransacked. The other cop's response was "unless a girlfriend or wife was here." When the first cop seemed puzzled the other guy said "you know how it is, women leave drawers and doors open thinking they are coming back to it, and they don't."

Aha! You see, I can't help it, I'm wired that way.


Pam said...

I hope Dad was watching the show with you (and that he heard what the cop said). LOL!

Katherine said...

Too funny!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Funny story. My husband is very organized, me not so much anymore but I don't leave cabinets or drawers open!

Laoch of Chicago said...

My life goals are really more modest. I am happy if I can keep my mind organized which means that everything else must necessarily suffer.

Anita said...

That is too funny. I've been known to leave a kitchen cabinet open too, and then I can't stand the way it looks, open and undone.
I hate clutter, but we have plenty of it!!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Just had to tell you this. Sunday I was in my kitchen working on some cards I had to mail out. Had opened the cabinet to get some stickers. A few minutes later I had turned around to put something in the recycle bin turned and walked right into the corner of the open cabinet door! I told you I don't do that with the cabinets but I did!! I have a lump on my forehead.

Karen Peterson said...

That is so funny!

I can't stand when drawers, cabinets and doors are left open. I feel like I'm constantly going around closing stuff.


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