Monday, June 6, 2011

Where is My Mind? I Know I Packed It

Paul and I just returned from our annual week on "The Beach" in North Carolina. For those of you NOT in the know, that's the Outer Banks or OBX. One day during the week we visited Edenton, a little town inland. When Paul asked a store owner where she lives she said 'on the beach.' Beach? What beach is near here? She meant the Outer Banks, about 90 minutes away. So now we just call it "the beach." As in, "We just got back from a week on 'the beach' in North Carolina."

I love road trips. I hate road trips. I love them because I can bring EVERYTHING. I hate them because I can bring EVERTHING. And I do. That used to mean clothes, shoes, and my lotions and potions. Now it means that plus the electronic stuff. The picture above is the inventory of the equipment I brought. That would be:

One laptop

One iPad

One iPhone

Four cameras

One PDA (I just keep it around for the old memos and numbers I haven't transferred yet. Or as a friend said "Because I like to carry a lot of shit around."

Plus all the cords, mice, thumb drives, card readers and I don't know what else.

As for clothes, I pack one suitcase but as Paul begins to load the 4-Runner, I keep tossing things in. Hey, there's room. Why not fill it?

Paul's motto always was pack light, carry money. Somehow I've just never learned how to do that. I'd rather just bring everything. And I do.


Michele said...

Since, I travel so much for work I have adopted Paul's motto. It's a lot easier to buy stuff while I'm there then fuss around with a bunch of stuff in the car. Plus, we usually take the dogs on road trips. They have enough of their own stuff.

Pam said...

Where's the Kindle????

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I'm packing this week for 3 weeks in Europe!! This is painful. I like that "Pack light, bring money!"

Laoch of Chicago said...

I went to school in Europe for two years just bringing with me a small duffle bag. It would make me so nervous to carry all of that stuff.

Anonymous said...

Devoted Spouse always makes me unpack and take out half of what I packed and leave it behind. So not fair. I'm more high-maintenance than he. sheesh - btw Crone and Bear It is back....tell your friends. LOL xo


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