Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Bloggity Blog Blog Tag

Anita over at A woman, a wife, a mom was tagged in this game, and she tagged anyone willing to, that's what I'm doing, too. It seems a simple enough meme and since I'm my favorite subject, why not?

1. Where are you blogging right now? I'm at the computer desk in the corner of the living room directly above where the wireless router is. I recently moved here from my spot in the kitchen to improve the reception. It's quiet and working out better than expected.

2. How many unpublished posts do you have in your 'draft' box? 2-3

3. Whose blog inspired you to start your own? Pam of Pam's Perspective. In case anyone doesn't already know, Pam is my stepdaughter. Pam started her blog back a few months ago and has been very inspirational and helpful to me.

4. When do you usually publish your posts? At 7 a.m. I usually write my posts a day or two in advance and save them for later. Occasionally I publish them right when they're written, depends upon my inspiration.

5. In your guesstimation, how many blogs do you read? About 10 and I try to visit the SITS Featured Blogger daily to say hi.

6. How long have you been blogging for? Since April this year.

7. Why did you start blogging? I like to write and enjoy writing wordy emails about things that are going on. I kept a diary in my teens and a journal in my early 20's when my marriage was falling apart. I started out writing one blog with the intentions of making it a little personal (about happy things this time) and a little bit about my real estate business but soon decided that I wanted to separate them and started a second blog about real estate alone.

8. Why do you keep blogging? I'm enjoying writing my personal blog especially since I've gotten some encouraging feedback from family and friends who are reading it. Of course, there was that person I thought was a friend that I sent a link to early on whose comment was...."get an editor." But I've gotten over that and hope to keep it going. The real estate blog has been slow going but I'm going to keep plugging at that, too.

9. If you could only recommend one blog to a friend, which one would it be? I couldn't begin to know how to answer that. They are all so different. The ones I'm really enjoying appeal for different reasons and I'm discovering new ones every week.

10. If the Internet was "turned off" for one month, what would you do with all the time you used to spend blogging? Well I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be watching television. TV just puts me to sleep. Even movies and shows I enjoy sometimes don't keep me awake. I suppose it would be reading. I have to admit that blogging has cut into my time spent reading. I might try to get Paul to play a game of Scrabble or Trivial Pursuit. We don't do that as often as we used to.

So now YOU are invited to use this tag too. And let me know in the comments that you did so I'll be sure to come and read your list.

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Tammy Howard said...

I split mine, too. Into three! Well, technically four. The one folks go to is really the only one I'm proud of, though - the others are just spaces I need. I keep a craft blog and a fitness (or lack thereof) blog. I used to put it all on the main blog, but realized that I was boring mySELF with all the whining, so I just moved it. I still needed to do it. The craft stuff I know is not for everyone, so I separated it, too. The fourth is a 'traveling gnome' sort of thing for the Pink Owl that is part of a family tradition. I actually like that one.

Someone told you to get an editor?!? Sheesh. Someone should tell them to get a life. And some tact. And some sense - because your blog is consistently beautifully written!

Pam said...

I agree with Tammy. I was just floored when I heard about that editor comment. Get a life, indeed! I, for one, would love it if the internet was turned off for a month. Maybe then I could get a handle on my computer time(wasting).

Michele said...

This is your personal blog, you don't need an editor. The fun part about blogging is sharing honestly. If that comes out not totally grammar nazi's way tough!

I've toyed with the idea of splitting my blog into 2. One for personal stuff and one for cooking. I chose not to because it sounded like too much work. I'm really lazy!

Anita said...

Sandy, I'm so glad you decided to post this.
An editor, please! I can't believe someone would suggest that either, it's your personal blog, and you write very well, you are smart to just let that one go.
I loved this little meme, it really made me think, and as a result, I'm becoming a much more choosey reader of blogs, and my time.
Have a great day, I'm so happy you stumbled upon me, and that I too discovered your blog.

Housewife Savant said...

Two blogs...I'd quit showering.

kaye said...

It was fun learning some new things about you

モバゲー said...



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