Thursday, June 25, 2009

Close Encounters of the Unpleasant Kind

They say cats have nine lives but I hope dogs do, too, 'cause I think Lucy has used up a couple of hers. There was that day when she crossed 6 lanes of morning traffic twice on Rt. 195 without a scratch. Don't ask, the story makes me a little sick to my stomach despite the happy ending. But her most recent adventure was last October when she got 'up close and personal' with what we are pretty sure was a coyote.

We have a couple acres of our property enclosed by an invisible fence; a fabulous invention that I highly recommend over tying a dog if you don't have a regular fence. Of course, the flaw in that is that it keeps our dogs IN but it does nothing to keep other animals OUT.

That evening, just at dark Lucy was in the yard barking at something in the woods.....barking barking barking. I called to her to come in but she kept barking so I finally just went inside. Within 3 minutes of going inside I heard her start to scream like a little girl. I ran out screaming her name into the dark yard, I can't see anything and now she's not making any noise and I can't see her! A couple minutes later she's on the deck, bleeding from both sides and she's pretty shaken up. And so am I.

She's short haired but we couldn't really tell what the cuts looked like. I was thinking maybe a fight with a cat. It was late, she was fine so we just stopped the bleeding and left her alone for the night....well, not alone, she had to be right beside one of us, she was so frightened.

The next day when the vet shaved the area around the two cuts, they were clearly puncture wounds from canine teeth!! Lucy had been in the mouth of a coyote and lived to tell.

Paul says I saved her when I ran out shrieking like a banshee. He figures the coyote decided it didn't want to deal with whatever was making THAT noise! Of course, we're lucky it didn't grab her throat or her head or the outcome might have been very different. So that night Lucy was Lucky and we learned a going out after dark alone. In this photo I think she's a little embarrassed.


kaye said...

poor puppy

Tammy Howard said...

Wow! Close call! Glad everything worked out ok, ultimately.

Housewife Savant said...

She DOES look embarrassed, and a little wiser I hope.

Good for you; I KNEW shreiking could be considered an useful deterrant.
It's one of the best weapons in my arsenal.
Combined with high-stepping and peeing it's highly effective against all manner of creatures and creeping crawling things.

Alex the Girl said...

Poor baby! They say that coyotes attacking domestic animals is on the rise due to the encroaching of us humans into their territory. Frightening.

Pam said...

Lucy is one tough cookie. Just ask Pearl!

BONNIE K said...

That poor dog! She is adorable!

Michele said...

OMGoodness. I would freak out. My dogs would never go our at night again. She is so lucky.

Sandy said...

Michele, Lucy does NOT go out at night alone anymore. Rosey is big enough so I doubt a coyote would even consider messing with her. Which is another funny part to the story I forget…..Rosey was out in the yard that night. And she didn’t make a peep…..I think she was signaling the coyote…..’take her, take her, hurry up, they’re coming!’

Kathy B! said...

Thank goodness you are a screamer!!

Poor puppy :( I'm glad she's okay.

Oz Girl said...

OMG, how scary! I woulda freaked out and ran out into the yard screaming too!!!

I've seen and heard the coyotes round here. We keep Ringo, our chocolate lab, outside at night to keep animals at bay. He's a big dog, and he does a really good job. He's killed several opossums (we think they tried to steal his dog food, lol) and he's a great rat and mouse catcher. I think his presence keeps the coyotes at bay, which is good, else our barn cats might be coyote snacks. :-(

I'm glad that Lucy is ok.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today; the weather has definitely caused a bit of brain drain, but I think I'm getting my mojo back. :)

BPOTW said...

Goodness! Give her some hugs from her bloggy friends!

Sandy said...

Will do, Betty, thanks!

carolyn said...

poor lucy-goosey. glad she's OK!

Sandy said...

Carolyn, that was a pretty scary night, I'll tell you.

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