Monday, June 22, 2009

Come on, Dish!!

Last week's Food For Thought was a recipe for Chicken Francaise from my friend, Rich Epstein, Residential Properties' Coach Extraordinaire. When I sent Rich a link to my post I got this message back:

When I was a young, single man, I had one dish I used to cook for potential girlfriends. Having spent from 16 through most of college working in restaurants in various positions I picked up a few pointers. Only if I thought the girl had “girlfriend potential” did I make the meal my sister lovingly refers to as the “Classic Meal for Babes” which consisted of:

Stuffed mushroom appetizer.
Caesar salad.
Veal Francaise with a creamy dill sauce.
My mother’s recipe for garlic bread sticks.
Something store bought for dessert – not a baker.

I thought that was a pretty nice menu. It would have impressed me! Rich's email got me thinking back to the first meal Paul ever cooked for me. It was a freshwater salmon that he caught at Big Lake in Grand Lake Stream, Maine. He had spent Memorial Day weekend fishing at a buddy's cabin and brought the salmon home. I don't remember the recipe other than that it was done in foil in the oven. But I do remember thinking "this one's a keeper" the guy, not the fish!

So now I want to know who remembers that very first meal that your significant other prepared for you? Or how about the most romantic dinner ever prepared for you? Everyone must have a story. Come on, share! Leave me a comment with the details.

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Pam said...

This is a joke, right? Geoff loves to cook breakfast and he does it every weekend. I don't like breakfast food, so it's definitely not for me. The only time Geoff cooks dinner is if I ask him to grill something. Nothing romantic about that I'm afraid.

Michele said...

The hubby made something called stuffed buns. Strange name but wonderful taste. I've posted the recipe if you want to try it. Not a romantic dish by any stretch.

Sandy said...

M, Stuffed buns? Romantic dinner? C'mon, don't set me up like that!

Alex the Girl said...

The first meal my husband made was grilled steak and something else. It was our first weekend together, ever, and the steaks charred by the time we remembered that we were actually suppose to be cooking.

dadshouse said...

That's funny - I definitely had my "babe" dish that I cooked when I was in my 20s. "Chicken Cordon Bleu". These days, I seem to impress women just by cooking anything. I don't feel the need to whip out an impressive dish. I just cook. Of course, I haven't gotten the girl in a while, so maybe I should go back to that babe dish, or the one you posted here!

Sandy said...

Honestly, dadshouse, ANY man who can find the kitchen impresses me but I know you can do better than that so maybe you DO need to go back the old faithful.

Tammy Howard said...

Like Geoff, Tom makes breakfast. Unlike Pam, I love a good hearty breakfast!

I definitely dated guys in my long and illustrious dating career who had classic meals for babes... but I married a guy who makes a good hearty breakfast. And a heart-clogging sausage casserole. I don't let him make that very often. But it IS yummy... Don't think I'd classify it as romantic, though.

Kathy B! said...

My hubby's go to dish has always been pasta. His pasta is fine, but when we first started dating he would try to add shrimp or scallops and he always cooked the snot out of them and they were like chewing on a rubber tire.


Now he sticks to breakfast. He's much better at that :)

Anita said...

I believe it was for one of our "month" anniversaries the first year we were married that I came home to fine Kevin preparing Chicken Cordon Bleu, I was so impressed! It was VERY good........yummmm.
Kevin mostly grills, but he can cook. When we both worked outside the home he cooked a lot more. I love to cook, but hate to clean up, so he does that for me most nights.


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