Sunday, June 21, 2009

Here Comes the Sun

I'm starting to feel like a mushroom.....this rainy, cloudy weather is really starting to get on my nerves!

I'm not a sun-worshiper like Tammy from Keep In Touch With Mommakin 'cause I'm a redhead and therefore a burner & a peeler. I've already had one experience with a basal cell and don't need to go through that again, thank you very much. But I do believe I have solar batteries. I just don't feel right when the sun doesn't shine. So I'm bringing some of my own along here to the right.

I definitely wake up with the sun which is kind of cool because morning is the best time of my day. I haven't used an alarm clock for 15 years. Well, the only time I DO set an alarm is when we have an early plane to catch. Then I set TWO because I'm sure I'll sleep through one (I've never slept through an alarm in my life. I'm such a light sleeper I wake up when a mouse farts in the attic) and then I wake up once an hour all night looking at the clock thinking I've slept through both or the power went out. I really should just stay up the night before a flight; I don't sleep anyway.

I remember when we flew to Alaska a few years ago in July. We arrived in Fairbanks at 10:30 at night and the sun was as high in the sky as it would be here at 2 in the afternoon. There we were sitting in an outdoor restaurant along a river at 11 p.m. wearing sunglasses. Weird! The hotels there all post sunrise and sunset times in the lobbies. Sunset 2:30 a.m. and Sunrise at 4:00 a.m. That was pretty neat. They all had these heavy drapes that you had to close at night to block out the sun or you'd never go to sleep. Apparently some people in Alaska get a little manic in the summer; they forget to go to bed.

Right now I could use 22 hours of sunshine. I think I'm beginning to mold.

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Anonymous said...

Uh-oh baby -- check between toes to make sure you aren't growing webbed feet! I'm pale and burn easily but I load up on sunblock and go outside anyway - I never tan - I just turn one-eighth of a shade darker than my usual pasty white! Hugs!

Alex the Girl said...

Give the mouse gas X. I had basal Cell too, on my nose, and like you, never again do I want to experience that.

Housewife Savant said...

I believe I've got solar batteries too.
I'm out-of-sorts on cloudy/gray days. I watch the clock like a fry cook, waiting for bedtime.
I often nap on sunny days too...
Perhaps I'm just a lazy slacker.

Sandy said...

Linda, I don't tan, I just Pink!

Alex, my basal cell was on my shoulder. No surgery, just a chemo cream, no fun.

Savant, yeah, you're a slack all right....NOT!

Tammy Howard said...

Hey! I got a shout out! Thanks!

I haven't needed an alarm clock in a long time, either.

Hope the sunshine finds you soon!


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