Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Highbush Cranberry---June

I have always been a photographer although nothing you've seen here would indicate that I'm anything other than a real amateur. The photos at the top of my blog are some I took in South Africa that I am quite proud of though.

My father and his father were both shutterbugs and had a dark room set up in the basement of the house that my father and I grew up in. At the age of 8 I was shooting and developing photos in black & white. We never developed anything in color as the processing required many more baths than the three needed to produce black & white. That's probably changed in the 40+ years since I was watching photos of my beloved dog Missey come to life in that 3rd bath, but I couldn't say.

Over the years I have seen a few framed collections of photos of country scenes shot from the same spot in different seasons and always thought I'd love to do something like that. Not particularly arty in my photography, I've never tried it until now.

In our yard is a Highbush Cranberry brought back from a visit to friends in Vermont about 16 years ago. Each season has a distinctly different look, and it is one of my favorite plants in our yard. The botanical name for the shrub is Viburnum trilobum and is a native shrub with supposedly edible fruit (haven't tried that yet) and year-round ornamental value. Although the common name for this plant describes it as a cranberry, it is actually more closely related to a honeysuckle than to the cranberries eaten with the traditional Thanksgiving turkey.

Starting today I am going to take monthly photos of the bush and post them. I hope you appreciate it as much as I do and that my photos will show why I love it.


Michele said...

It's lovely. I used to process my own photographs way back when in my mother's bathroom. I loved it. Now, I do digital. Miss the process a little.

Pam said...

Beautiful photo. I'm trying to figure out where it is in your yard. Maybe I'll figure it out as you post more photos.

Alex the Girl said...

My daughter loves to take photographs, most of the ones I post, like my header, are taken by her. She's got quite the eye when it comes to taking them, although she's also a firm believer that the picture comes to her, she doesn't go to the picture. "You can't force it, mom."

Great shot, I can't wait to see the bush in the fall and winter.

dadshouse said...

Beautiful photos, especially the ones that grace your blog's banner. Look forward to monthly shots.

Sandy said...

Pam, keep watching, I'm sure you'll figure it out.

Alex, I love what your daughter says about photography! Although the busy looks beautiful in it's spring flowers, it's especially spectacular with its red berries in the winter. Keep watching!

David, thanks for stopping by! The Africa photos were such a surprise when I finally saw them. I NEVER get tired of looking at them.

The Stylish House said...

The photos you took on your header are wonderful. They really look professional and draw you into the action.

Sandy said...

Cathy, Thanks for your comments. I have so many great photos from Africa, I hope to post more soon.


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