Sunday, June 14, 2009

Testing-----One, Two, Three

A few weeks ago I wrote about not being afraid of many of the usual girly can check it out if you where I wrote about not really being afraid of spiders, bats and mice. As they say, talk is cheap, but I am proud to report that I have faced the enemy and he is GONE!

I just had an adventure in the basement. I’ve got laundry going down there so I opened the cellar door and started down and something came flying at me……thought at first it was a bird but quickly realized it was a bat!

Yeah, I screamed like a little girl. Slammed the door shut…...what do I do now? Paul’s gone until Tuesday, have to go down there for the laundry if nothing else. Screwed up my courage and headed back down to open the bulkhead…..did that and ran right out through it. Back through the house with dustpan in hand to swat it away if necessary…..headed back down, crouched like a SWAT team member ‘cause I can still see the damned thing flying back and forth. I was basically crouching on the floor of the laundry room which is where the bulkhead is and within 2 minutes it swooped back through and up and out the bulkhead!!! I am so proud of myself!

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Michele said...

Such bravery. I would have just left the laundry until JR got back. That favorite shirt mildewing down there be damned.

Pam said...

You go girl! I think I would have called for back up. No SWAT team member would go into enemy territory alone!

Sandy said...

M, that's exactly what I was picturing....mildew! Hate that more than bats (oops, I don't hate bats)

Pam, I briefly thought of calling Geoff, such a big guy, such a little bat....and quickly ruled THAT out! LOL

Housewife Savant said...

Bats are my Most Feared.

I would have sharted.

You are my Hero.

Sandy said...

Houswife, now THAT wouldn't have helped much, would it?! He wanted out as much as I wanted him out.....I just had to stay calm. After the initial scream (and maybe another little one as he flew by) it was pretty easy.

Alex the Girl said...

I think I would have reacted the same way...lots of screaming...freaking....door slamming...but I don't know if I could have gone back in alone...nope. Not me.

Sandy said...

Ladies, wow, I really struck a nerve with my 'bat encounter.' Not surprising. Certainly if I thought I had another option I would have chosen it but since it was just me again Batman, I took matters (and a dustpan) into my own hands. I'm just glad he cooperated. Killing it would not have been possible.


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