Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Author, Author!

I have been part of a book club for almost 10 years. I read early and have always loved it. I read every Nancy Drew book on my 3rd grade teacher’s book shelf and read a whole series of historical biographies when I was about ten. Whether I’m eating my breakfast or watching a movie at home, I have something to read in front of me, even if it’s just the cereal box.

However, Pam, my stepdaughter, puts my reading to shame. Remember calling someone a book worm? If you look up book worm in the dictionary, Pam's picture is there. She reads an incredible 100 books a year. She also works in a library which should surprise no one.

Pam has been involved with book clubs for years. When she and Geoff and the girls moved back in 2001 after 14 years in Arizona, she started a group here. I am part of the original group. Over the years we have had some people come and go but a core group of us have been together for several years now. Right now there are ten of us. We meet monthly at various local restaurants and make an evening of our meetings. We take turns bringing books for the group, and we vote on what we want to read to discuss the next month.

The thing I like most about being part of a book club is it makes me read books I would never have found or thought I'd enjoy. None of us enjoys every book, but we all make an effort to read the monthly selection. We’ve had some really good discussions, and I think each of us remembers the book we disliked most rather than one we loved. I think our best discussions have been about books we didn't like although seldom do we all dislike the same book. Our tastes in reading vary quite a bit which keeps the selections interesting.

The November selection was The Red Thread written by Ann Hood. Pam often goes to book readings by authors visiting the area. Recently she and Colleen, another long-time member of the group, attended an event featuring Ann. I’ll let Pam tell you what happened next…..go visit her at Pam’s Perspectives to read all about it.

Happy Thanksgiving all!


Pam said...

Great description of our book club. And love the tease about Ann Hood. Thanks for the link.

Laoch of Chicago said...

Books are wonderful. Have a nice holiday.

Turquoise Diaries said...

I used to call my self a bookworm, but definitely not after hearing Pam. In my best years my maximum amount reached to 45-50 books and on the avarage Iam probably somewhere 35..

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I'm impressed. How can she read so many books. I love buying books, get all the favorites that people recommend and they sit in my closet. I have to make a New Year's resolution to read. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

croneandbearit said...

You know I am a bookaholic - I have tried to join book clubs to no avail - I started my own once but only one other person came and we spent all our time laughing about other things and never discussing the book - sigh... Have a wonderful Thanksgiving sweetie!! xoxo

Aunt of 14 said...

Have a great Thanksgiving, Sandy, from one bookworm to another!


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