Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Isn't That Special

I have been trying to decide whether to purchase an iPad. A couple months ago I posted a comment on Facebook asking "Who has an iPad. Why? What do you use it for? Do you like it?" I got such a variety of answers they didn't really help.

This week I finally decided to bite the bullet and buy one. At nearly $1,000 for the 3G model, it's an investment. But I've debated it for so long it's not an impulsive purchase. Yesterday I went online and ordered it.

I just got an email telling me that my iPad was shipped.....from China. I guess I shouldn't be surprised but can't we find something made in America? Not an iPad, I guess.

I bought a pair of flip-flops a couple years ago that were made in Connecticut. When I saw that I just HAD to buy them. I try to find things to buy with the Made in America tag. It's nearly impossible. Even though the quality of American-made products has declined (if you can find one) I'd still rather buy something made right here in the good ol' US of A.

If anyone has one to recommend, let me know.

NOTE: My friend Anita mentioned a television show that talked about products still Made in the USA. I googled it and found this site.


Katherine said...

It is so hard to find things that are domestically made. We try hard to find things, but it feels that options are decreasing.

Erica said...

Great post! I was shocked to see that as well when I ordered mine.

Anita said...

It's very sad we have so little made in the USA. There was a show on TV that featured items made in the USA, but it's really something you have to google and search for. Not so easy.
I hope you enjoy your iPad, don't you have to pay for the 3G service? I was less impressed with that, considering I pay for my iPhone, some phones have the ability to make them a wifi hotspot, which is very cool. My Kindle is just wifi.

Laoch of Chicago said...

Because we do not have sweatshops and have a minimum wage, your quest is not currently realistic in a lot of cases. As an economy continues to fall and we become a third world nation and people become willing to work for 50 cents an hour that which you seek will again be realistic.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

How exciting, enjoy!

Pam said...

How fun! How are you hoping to use it? I have not been able to figure out what an iPad would be used for, especially if you have a laptop, iPhone and Kindle already. The only thing I can think of is that it's easier to lug around than a laptop. I'll be curious to see how you like it and when and how you use it.


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