Friday, April 15, 2011

There's a Blog For That

You really can find a blog about anything and everything. I haven't heard the stats recently but not that long ago I read that there are 50 million blogs out there. I guess that explains why I only have 11 readers.

Last summer the day before we left for our cruise on the Danube River I purchased a new piece of jewelry. I knew it should be insured but I didn't have time to get it on our home owner's policy, and I was really worried about going away without insurance. When the jeweler gave me the appraisal I needed to insure it I mentioned that I didn't have time. He gave me a brochure from the Jewelers' Mutual Insurance Co. and said you can get a policy in one day.

Sure enough I called them, faxed the appraisal, gave them a credit card (of course) and received a policy that day. The surprising part was that they were considerably cheaper than my homeowners insurance.

Anywho, I got an email today from Jewelers' Mutual with a link to their blog. Today's post is about what to do if a piece of jewelry goes down the drain. An additional suggestion I've heard is to put a piece of nylon stocking or cheesecloth over the vac hose so that it doesn't actually go into the vac but even if it does, it's a lot easier to retrieve it that way than taking the plumbing apart, assuming it's still in the trap.

Better yet, take it off before getting into the shower.


Healthier And Wealthier said...

I love your title. It is so true. Acually I really like this information and will be looking into the insurance link. Thanks.

Michele said...

I never thought about not wearing my jewelery in the bath. I need to change my habits. Then again, with the exception of my engagement ring and a couple of heirloom pieces nothing I own is that valuable. Great suggestions.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

That is good information to know.
Thank you for sharing it.

Pam said...

Who the heck would read an INSURANCE blog on a regular basis? I can not imagine it.


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